STEPS vision is to provide opportunities for underprivileged students in order to help them obtain a solid education. Our organization helps students who are in high school or college by providing fully funded financial support. STEPS takes special care during the selection process to ensure every student selected under this program are extremely passionate about higher education and are truly below the poverty line. We believe our efforts in providing education for these young students will help them achieve successful careers that will ultimately give them a better quality of life to themselves as well as those around them.


There are a countless number of intelligent and passionate students in India who can't afford to continue with higher education due to their impoverished conditions. These individuals often end up working in workshops and rice fields, perpetuating their family's poverty. We want to ensure poor students have an equal opportunity when it comes to education because that is one of the cornerstones of civilization. STEPS believes that bright and talented kids should have the same opportunities when it comes to education as others regardless of their financial situation.

How to Help

At STEPS, we believe in making an everlasting difference in the lives of underprivileged students who show a strong passion and drive to achieve a higher education. We can all make a huge difference in these student's lives by contributing to this great cause. We are fortunate enough to have a great life and we can certainly afford to donate something back to society by helping these students. Our giving today promotes a heightened sensitivity among the beneficiaries who we hope will someday become donors themselves. It is our hope that you will contribute to the success of this organization.

You can help STEPS in a number of unique ways. All the donations that you make through the web site are solely used towards the student's education. In addition to the donating fund, you can volunteer to help with several ongoing activities by contacting us through one of the channels mentioned in the 'Contact Us' page.



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